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Official website of ZNZ Himalayan Crystal Salt Industries, the largest,authenticated and reputed manufacturers and Exporters of Himalayan salt products. ZNZ facillities are registered with FDA, credits are duly varified by D&B and A&V respectively.

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WE have been enjoying the huge discounts from couriers and you will be amazed to see the charges you are going to pay. Way less than what the couriers normally charges.ZNZ Himalayan salt industries are a native Himalayan company thus know exactly the difference between ordinary rock salt and genuine Himalayan crystal salt.We only supply the premium quality Genuine Himalayan Crystal salt products you will hardly find elsewhere on the internet or on any shop for that matter.

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A marvelous opportunity comming your way. No need to place big order and no waiting of months for your order . Select the pack suit your budget and need and see the same right at your door step within 3-5 days maximum. See, Feel and taste the genuine Himalayan crystal salt, enjoy the typical aroma of this purest organic salt being excavated manually from 300 million years old Himalayan salt mines, washed with Himalayan spring water, dried under the sun and processed in unpolluted seren Himalayan environement using centuries old stone milling method. Yes, to keep the organic state in tact we run the mill at dead slow spead as the excessive heat can disturb the crystalline matrix and burn the minerals content.

Himalayan crytal salt, one of the purest and primal organic salt on this planet, naturally enriched with 84 minerals and trace elements essential for human body.The most important aspect of this unique salt is that it is in colloidal particle size readily absorbable by body cell.

What other say about this organic Himalayan salt


I recieved my 10 kgs pack of Himalayan salts two days ago. I have to say that its awsome salt i have ever seen.

I have purchased Himalayan salt from a local shop but yours is something different.Its look beautiful, coooool and unique. Beautiful different colors 2-3 cm chunks, I really like orange and pink color, forgive me but I don,t like gray color. I am amazed to see the purest Himalayan halite, at first I got confused and thought it might be kind of quartz but after tasting it I thought the other way.

Beautiful hearts, discs and bars ,pink granualte and crystals, tiny balls and eggs really are lovely. I have never ever thought that salt has so many beautiful natural colors. I have already started using the salt, already had joyful relaxing salt brine bath and I admit the healthful effects it has to offer.

I have given half of my pack to my close friends and also refered them to your website , I am sure they will order surely. I will re-order soon but for 20 kgs pack Thank you very much for sendng awesome salt.

Regards Linda-USA


Dear ZNZ

thank you very much for beautiful salt products you sent. To be very honest I put the pack on scale to check the weight and surprised to see that it weighs 500 gms above twenty kgs.Thanks for generousity.

I really appreciate the Himalayan salt natural beauty at first place ,its blessing from nature . One get easily confused to see this natural salt of different colors and guess that this might be artificially colored and I did. To confirm the genuinety I just broke 10 pieces of pink chunks and noticed that color is the same deep inside the rock.

I have started taking sol two days ago and it really gave me kind of energy and rejuviantion I never have had before. I have grinded 2-5 mm light pink crystals for my kitchen and table use. I felt strange but pleasant aroma and frankly I sensed an urge for eating something .Do you have an idea about this?

Thank you very much for this beautiful gift you sent.Some of my close freinds are planning to place order with you soon. I neve thought that it could be that easy to get Himalayan salts.

warmest regards

Maria/South Africa


Its a proven fact that ordinary so called refined table salt is a "white poison" as this poisonous salt is being harvested on ugly beaches littered with oil and filth, salt collected from beaches then processed chemically using bleach and other harmful chemical . Refined salt is devoid of any minerals except sodium and chloride and of course harmful chemicals added during process.

For your and yours kids health, Get rid of this poisonous salt and let genuine Himalayan crystal salt take place in your kitchen and on dinning table. This is the best thing you can do for your family to ensure best health for them.Select your pack by pressing the button below:

Different lovely pacakges just waiting for you .Genuine Himalayan crystal salt chunks of lovely natural colors like pink,light pink, red, gray , snow white , orange and purest halite. You will also find granulates of different colors and sizes. Lovely shaped bath products and Himalayan herbal salt is also included in the packs you are going to see on the next page. Book your pack now and see it within next 3-5 days. Packs are sent by international couriers(DHL/Fedex/UPS) who will deliver right at your door step. An highly reputed US company 2checkout will take care of all the payment and shipment process. You will be provided with a tracking number by 2Checkout soon we ship the pack. Taste the genuine Himalayan crytal salt with 84 minerals and trace elements your body needs to replenish the mineral system. Pick your pack by hitting the button below: